'Electric Adam explores fetish and mythology in his vacuumed latex performance/installations. Creating sculptural pieces that distort and restrain the human form he blurs the line between the living performer and the inanimate materials as the two become interconnected.' - SPILL Festival of Performance

London based artist Electric Adam was born in Lancaster and completed his degree in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University where he made his own models, sets, props and costumes for film, animation and performance.

After graduation, while making his own film projects Adam worked as an arts and film workshop facilitator and in various art department roles from art director, prop/puppet maker, animator and set builder.

After years of wanting to go to Torture Garden (the world's biggest fetish club) Adam taught himself latex tailoring and made an outfit that complied with the strict dress code! He was hooked and ploughed ahead, making outlandish costumes and headpieces. His work became more elaborate, mixing latex with various materials left over from his commercial set building work. They developed from fetish outfits to wearable sculptures he called ‘Angels’.

He began using the pieces in an ongoing project 'Angels for Machines' collaborating with other artists working in performance, photography and moving image. Angels for Machines is a conceptual science fiction project inspired by the writing of John Wyndham, Nigel Kneale and Arthur Machen. It’s glimpse into another dimension where there these beings only appear to machines.

As his work evolved and he started making installations the emphasis moved towards exploring human physicality and sexuality. Using his breathing to create airless vacuums in the latex Adam, pushes his body to explore its power and fragility. As an asthmatic, he uses learnt coping techniques in order to control his breathing to create and maintain the vacuums. As he becomes an entombed living sculpture he explores that idea of repression and creating your own prison as a refuge.

Adam has exhibited in many grass roots exhibitions in collaboration with London based Hackney Wicked as well as international performance art festivals such as SPILL and In Between Time. He performed his endurance vacuum pieces in the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and Torture Garden (the world largest fetish club) and created a special piece for Schon Magazine for supermodel Tony Ward. He created Tomb, a huge latex vacuum piece who’s form was inspired by the ancient Roman Trajan’s Column (a cast of which is in the V&A’S Cast courts). Tomb contained five performers and was staged in his sell out show at the National Theatre Studio for SPILL Festival of Performance and then on the main stage at Torture Garden's Valentines Ball at the Coronet Theatre.

In 2016 Adam entered his inflatable latex outfit ‘Queen Angel’ into the World of WearableArt Awards in Wellington, New Zealand and won the Performance Art Award. In september 2017 he returned with a wearable vacuum latex piece, Cube, winning the Red Section Award and the Cirque Du Soleil Invited Artisan Award.

Latex outfits by Electric Adam, Harness & Straps by Lady Lucie Latex